Thank you for your support Grant residents

I will work hard to continue protecting what we have in Grant whether your passion is golf on our courses, biking on our paths or just enjoying the wildlife and open spaces that is so important to Grant, I will work to protect it all.  My teams history is clear, we care about Grant and have always kept it preserved and intact.  Ordinances are applied equally to the Council and residents alike, no one is above the law. Every month we work to maintain our ordinances and keep City water and sewer out of Grant.  Contact me with questions from my contact page on the upper tab.

  Our track record is clear, low tax, small government works in Grant!

No City water or sewer, no changing density.  For over 14 years our team has upheld these principles this will NOT change.

Paid for b ythe committes to elect Huber, Kaup, Carr, 9520 Joliet Ave N