What will I try to accomplish in the next 4 years if elected?

Establish a Grant based farmers market.

How does this help Grant residents ?

* With our community based agriculture we should be attracting  attention from surrounding communties. Grant has more to offer than golf and trails.  This type of attention holds land values high, helps our farmers, orchards, vineyards, beekeepers and ranches and keeps our City  a treasured destination.  We are a Success other communities would love to duplicate, lets get proud about Grant!

I will work hard to get our gas tax money from the State

Continue lobbying and promoting gas taxes be returned to Cities with less than 5,000 population.  This is an issue the entire Council can unite behind, everyone wants our taxes returned to benefit the Resdients who pay these taxes.

* Grant residents pay millions each year in gasoline and other fuel taxes and get virtually no State assistance with our 70 miles of roads in Grant.  The City gets none of your gas taxes back instead surrounding communties with over 5,000 population get hundreds of thousands of dollars in state road aid.  We fund all our operations, grading, plowing, chloride, police, fire everything with property taxes which remain some of the lowest in the state.  This is not fair and I pledge to continue working wtih local State representatives to get our fair share of fuel tax road assistance. ( We received NO state aid to Cities for 2017)

Most importantly what do YOU want to happen in Grant the next four years?  Please call or e-mail me and let me know your thoughts.  If you just want to be left alone with low taxes but solid services thats ok, vote for us and that is what you will get.  Or if you want to be involved just reach out, the City has a volunteer sign up system for starters..   I want to fill in your goals here, tell me what you think Grant should be doing, lets discuss it.